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Whether you are looking for a simple 1 room Control4 automation solution or a full blown Whole Home or Business Control4 automation system, look no further than iElectronics.com. Systems are designed and programmed by our in-house engineers, one of the top Control4 designers and programmers in the U.S. Let the experienced staff at iElectronics.com take your electronic lifestyle to the next level.


The Brains of Control4

At the center of every Control4 system is a "brain." Control4 Controllers will be the brains for your smart home or business solution. Whether it be the award winning Control4 HC800 or its smaller counterpart the Hc250, Control4 systems can be scaled in “brain power” to suit your needs. If the combination of home theater with home automation is more to your taste, then look no further than the Sony STR-DA5800es or the smaller STR-DA2800es to deliver true home theater sound and entertainment that is backed with built-in Control4 home automation. Whatever your needs may be, look no further than iElectronics.com to design a complete solution scaled just for you.

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Control Your Home and Business

Control your world with a complete automation system suited for your lifestyle. From entertainment, safety and security, to surveillance, lighting and climate control, to energy management or just a higher level of the electronic "cool factor," iElectronics.com can exceed your expectations for your home system. With the expertise in home automation and a deep knowledge in construction methods the iElectronics.com staff can create the perfect automated home environment. At iElectronics.com home systems are not where our services end. iElectronics.com is well known for Business System Excellence. Our qualified staff can design a system to not only handle the needs of your staff and facility but can also create an environment that will make your clients' experience at your facility one they will remember.

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Control Your Climate

Intelligent Climate Control seems to be on everyone's minds these days. With Control4 you can set your mind at ease and let the wonders of home automation take control. With Control4 home automation you can take intelligent climate control to its maximum potential. Not only can you set climate schedules, automate the climate based on occupancy, and set modes for home or away, you can also automate your shades and drapes to maximize energy efficiency while creating a more comfortable environment. At iElectronics.com we know all about what it takes to create the comfort lifestyle you deserve. Call us today to make your everyday life more comfortable.

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Safety & Security

One of the biggest concerns with any home or business owner is the safety and security of every person and item inside their walls. With an integrated security system from iElectronics.com you will feel safer than you ever have before. We can help you protect your entrances, doors and windows, open area motion, fire and smoke, and harmful gasses. We can even offer the ability to be warned of water leakage and power loss. All this can be set up to alert you whether you are home or away and can give specific instructions to emergency response teams. Let's not forget Access Control. Whether an entry gate or a simple front door iElectronics.com can implement intelligent access control with the use of products specifically designed for Control4 systems. Local access or remote, you will always be informed and can have control of all access to your residence or building.

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Surveillance & Communication

iElectronics.com installers are experts in property surveillance. We can help you outline the interior and exterior surveillance needs of your property as well as find the best solution for you to be able to record, store, and play back any footage from your property surveillance system. Integrating this top notch service with a Control4 system lets you have access to your surveillance system anywhere on the property as well as anywhere in the World.

The realm of communication in the home has moved beyond the needs of the standalone in-wall intercom. Control4 takes you to the next evolution in home communication. Leveraging the power of Infinity Edge Touchscreens you can enable intercom functionality not only in voice flavor but video as well. Add the Control4 Door Station and you can also have the ability to communicate as well as see visitors at your home’s entrances.

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Control Your Lighting
From Anywhere

Automated lighting is not only one of the most useful ways to conserve energy and create a cost efficient environment, it is also a way to enhance your everyday life. By using "lighting scenes" you will have the ability to control more than one light at a time set to the light level you want with the press of a single button. Utilizing proximity and occupancy control you can control the lights simply by entering or exiting a room, which is great for when your hands are full or a room is empty. Now in Wireless and soon in Wired Format Control4 lighting can not only enhance the look and feel of your home but can also save on energy cost through smart lighting. If you are interested in Tax Rebates, let one of our trained Energy Management Professionals tell you how a system from iElectronics.com can save you money now and in the future.

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Control4 InstallationInstallation

iElectronics.com's well-trained staff has been installing Control4 systems since they were available on the market. Experienced both in the design and implementation of small to enterprise grade Control4 systems and Construction Methodology iElectronics.com can install Control4 systems in and environment at any scale. Schedule your consultation now.

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Control4 SupportSupport

iElectronics.com offers a support level above and beyond the norm. Our onsite support and on-call support representatives are just the beginning. By creating easy to read tutorials for Control4 users iElectronics.com not only can support you with your system but also teach you how to be a power user. When you need help with your Control4 system, look no further than iElectronics.com.

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